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  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-31 10:07:58
    NOW ON YOUTUBE!! "Celebrating Jon Lord "The Rock Legend" OFFICIAL TRAILER" >> [link] Featuring Glenn Hughes, Bernie Marsden and many more!! 3171
  • Pandora   2014-07-31 05:54:43
    Greetingz & Salutationz from-a, cold-a & a rainy Tulsa (but lovin' it, dahlins!)...gotta Whitesnake thang on this morn (when do I NOT?)...Hmm, how 'bout the ENTIRE "Slide It In" CD, Squire?...Feeling slithery! (oo-er) 3170
  • Cindy   2014-07-30 16:55:28
    Seems like it's been ages since I've been here! Hoping everyone is well. David, wishing you much success with the new studio - - thank you for sharing the video with us. Looking forward to many new items in the future. L&L to you and your family.....Cindy. 3169
  • robbierob   2014-07-30 13:17:50
    Good after noon to all, ohman when -o-when do we get the big reveal.....i always get excited when ever Whitesnake does anything new or adds a new member i'm dying to know please David is almost time? 3168
  • Giovanni   2014-07-30 10:18:17
    Pandora: Either Oonna is referring to her son or WS bassist extraordinaire Michael Devin who I believe celebrated his b-day recently. Michael, a pint of Guinness raised in your name, "Slainte!" Giovanni Castellano 3167
  • Pandora   2014-07-30 05:45:27
    Greetz & Sallies, Lordz & Ladies...Giovanni, wondered the same thing...Oonaa, don't see what u see...David mah love, gotta tell ya, love ur tweets (esp w/pix); I tell my sister about them & we laugh til we ALMOST pee (LOL)! Now puh-leese come back in here & give this lot a lil somethin'-somethin' (this slithering mimi is just about to expire...oh wait, Maestro, CRY FOR LOVE, s'il vous plait) 3166
  • missmo1666   2014-07-29 16:25:51
    Hi David, the skies over Reno are beautiful. Must be from all the fantastic tunes coming from Hook City. How did you come by that name? Sweet Dreams Mr Snakecharmer.xoxxo Missmo 3165
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-29 10:29:50
    WHAT?! David blocked me on Twitter! :( What did I do wrong? Why did he block me? :( 3164
  • Oonaa   2014-07-29 04:48:19
    @Giovanni to the youngest of the flock amico;) @pandora hook is very snake related dontcha think? :) what else is there, ah yes the dp releases, graz is a bit revamped version of the previous r, all being part of this great coll. assembled/preserved by some very cool people... and so it goes:) series started 'coming out' well ago. so anyhows this is cont. hope they'll do them justice sonically wise. its great for young ppl to re/discover such gems. @stringy hallelujah man ;) xx all 3163
  • Green   2014-07-28 14:33:27
    Why not... John Sykes. He`s got nothing to do... I know it won`t happen, I´m just an old Swedish fool... 3162
  • stringymarmite   2014-07-28 11:38:25
    Evening .. Let the music do the talkin'.. X x 3161
  • Giovanni   2014-07-28 08:28:05
    Oona, whose birthday is it? Just curious... Our DC's b-day is on September 22nd. Have a great week, all! Giovanni Castellano 3159
  • Oonaa   2014-07-28 05:04:42
    popping by to wish our bday boy a happy one. rock on M! (btw love dat macchina man) 3158
  • Pandora   2014-07-26 08:57:34
    DC Doll face, curious about the 'Hook City' name...why not something 'Snake related? You know MY mind is running amuck with suggestions (All That Slithers; Constrictor Bites)...wink/grin. With that, have a FAB one, dahling. Cyber smooch. 3157
  • lonestar   2014-07-26 06:41:07
    Fellow snakes in David we trust when has he ever let us down....Long live snake rock n roll...:) 3156
  • atsoudi   2014-07-26 01:12:19
    Hello there!!! I'm pretty sure that whoever this guy is we will love him. After all he is David's choice.He has never let us down!!!!! Good day to all 3155
  • Purplesnake   2014-07-25 14:20:42
    No, Ach20, He didn't. :) 3154
  • Ach20   2014-07-25 13:06:04
    Did David say he would announce the new guitarist next week? 3153
  • kingdaw2   2014-07-25 09:05:42
    Hello All. Looking forward to David's announcement...Hopefully next week. We are all anxiously waiting!!! Hook City is Ready and Willing... Just like us fans are! Have a great weekend all. 3152
  • burmaroad   2014-07-24 16:29:47
    Lovely studio DC. Maybe we can come and have a play? Well, we know one thing, our superstar KHW hasn't had a call to from your people. Honestly you aint seen talent like it! Whoever you pick, I`m sure they will fill the role of DA admirably. 3151
  • Pandora   2014-07-24 05:46:36
    DC Hon, if your ears were burning yesterday, that was me & a fellow Englishman originally from Brighton. I told him I liked his accent & mentioned that my fave singer was from England. He asked who? I said, David Coverdale of Whitesnake & the chat was ON! In between preauthorizing his patient for a hospital stay, he asked if WS was still touring and if I'd seen you live (oh YES...3 times & counting). I answered that you were in the throes of new material as we spoke & Randy Pandy is on pins & 'Snakeskin awaiting the unveiling. Have a FAB, dahling! 3150
  • Desert Snake   2014-07-24 00:54:29
    Hook City ? Rings a bell from the Slip of the Tongue recording sessions - Carlos you can also see a white Gibson SG in the studio on the DVD so the guessing game goes on !!! 3149
  • Graham   2014-07-23 15:32:10
    2012 even!! 3144
  • Graham   2014-07-23 15:30:39
    Someone remind him it's 2014 not 3012!! Welcome to Glesga to the 2014 Commonwealth Games... Yeah Baby... Come on you Fuckers, break some fuckin' records!! Go Sir Chris!! God Bless ... G. A man of his word! 3143
  • Pandora   2014-07-23 05:45:17
    Wassup, Kiddievinkies!...Lady Pandemonium still recovering from ze weekend (ie, Matthew M on dvd in Magic Mike and my fave blues-y songbird, Squire Coverdale non-stop spinning on CD AND a dvd visit to Live...In The Still Of The Night)--can you say DRUNK? LOL!...Now she's in the throes of another experiment with DC on her desk in the form of the Forevermore tour program...that's what I call making work 'Snake-ishly fun! DC luv, still waiting 4 one of your FAB chat cocktails! 3138
  • Jesus Ruiperez   2014-07-23 00:37:53
    Hola from sunny Spain! Waiting for news about the new guitarist. Sure DC will do the best for WS :-) 3137
  • whitesnakedc   2014-07-22 23:38:51
    I'm very sorry for Doug Aldrich departure but I hope David, you'll find the best solution for his replacement and I'm trusting you to continue this amazing Whitesnake project many years ahead.My life depends on you!You just keep on moving... 3136
  • robbierob   2014-07-21 12:57:40
    David goodafternoon!!!! i have a question regaurding Doug ,I know Doug meant a lot to you not just musically but personally does it feel a little out of sorts with out him in the band anymore? and was it a shock to you when it became clear that scheduleing would not work out. I ask this in all respect. 3135
  • WHITESNAKE Fan Page   2014-07-21 12:24:30
    The 1st song from the upcoming Deep Purple Overseas album GRAZ 1975 has been unveiled!! >> [link] 3134
  • ombra66   2014-07-21 04:51:55
    PAUL GILBERT? 3133

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