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  • WHITESNAKE_Fan_Page   2016-03-13 08:22:41
    In 2016, Ritchie Blackmore was interviewed about his non-induction to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame [link] 5314
  • kindredsoul   2016-03-12 14:27:28
    "Ello David and my fellow 'Snakes! It's been a while since I've logged in...just wanted to pop in for a quick salute! So stoked DC and company are coming back to CLE, two summers in a row, I think that's first in the 29+ years I've been a fan! Holy cow! YES!!! 5313
  • assafnroses   2016-03-12 13:15:44
    Well my set list is not likely, but a dream: Only my soul Lonely days, lonely nights Aint no love in the heart of the city Walking in the shadow of the blues Lovehunter Fool for your loving Dont break my heart again Slow an easy Gambler Blindman Would i lie to you Sailing ships Forevermore Now youre gone Soldier of fortune Still of the night Crying in the rain Crying 5312
  • Burning Fire Snake   2016-03-11 15:50:39
    Hey everyone, Hope your night has been a rocking one and that your cranking up Whitesnake as loud as it can go! (Just like I am!) Have a great weekend and I hope be posting more often on the BBS than what I normally have been. Rock On everyone! :) 5311
  • Giovanni   2016-03-11 08:30:15
    Good Friday to all you lovers of the white serpent... Make sure to order your tickets now cuz they're going fast. Greetings to my Fla. friend, Missmo! Have a great weekend! And keep it snaky! State bene, Giovanni da Sicilia! 5310
  • helena73   2016-03-09 02:02:33
    callanstige:I mean that the band is welcome to Stockholm when they come here and play at Grönalund this summer! :) 5309
  • challanstige   2016-03-07 12:19:24
    @helena73 What do you mean with that!? 5308
  • guitarman75   2016-03-05 00:48:38
    I think its time for the old hits too, : long way from home, sweet talker, lovehunter,blindman, guilty of love, trouble, give me kindness, only my soul, ....and skip still of the night, that one sounds bad!! Deep purple didnt play child in time also for years, becouse it didnt work anymore... and ofc end with here i go again, soldier of fortune... and im begging: play LOOKING FOR LOVE for once!!!!!!!! even if its acapella.... 5307
  • challanstige   2016-03-05 00:12:37
    This is one of the setlists I want in 2016! :) 1. Slide It In 2. Bad Boys 3. Love Ain’t No Stranger 4. Ready An’ Willing 5. Guilty Of Love 6. Give Me All Your Love 7. Is This Love 8. Judgement 9. Guitar Solos 10. Crying In The Rain 11. Drum Solo 12. Crying In The Rain 13. Give Me More Time 14. Fool For Your Loving 15. Here I Go Again 16. Still Of The Night Contact: [email] 5306
  • lovechild75   2016-03-04 19:06:24
    Just curious if anyone out there has come up with their ideal set list for the upcoming greatest hits tour? I have come up with one. Although this list is missing a couple of my favorites this is what I expect to hear. What do you guys think? Bad Boys Crying in the rain Love ain't no stranger The deeper the love Give me all your love Slide it in Slip of the Tongue Is this love Fool for your loving Give me more time Slow an Easy Here I go again Still of the night 5305
  • challanstige   2016-03-04 04:57:16
    Check out my channel! [link] 5304
  • challanstige   2016-03-04 04:57:14
    Check out my channel! [link] 5303
  • challanstige   2016-03-04 04:57:11
    Check out my channel! [link] 5302
  • robbierob   2016-03-01 10:53:58
    Children of the night , gotcha !!!! I thought it meant he's done ..., I truly hope that A. They record a new WS album And B. They record this tour for a dvd ..., the lineup is incredible 5301
  • helena73   2016-03-01 09:57:15
    Welcome to Stockholm!! :) 5300
  • WHITESNAKE_Fan_Page   2016-03-01 09:11:35
    For those who find interest on it! Ritchie Blackmore talks about his non-induction to Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame!! [link] 5299
  • Children of the Night   2016-03-01 07:55:00
    robbierob: I have not heard or read any statement from Mr.DC that this tour would be his last. He has only talk about 'personal farewell to arena rock', what most likely means that in the future, he with WS will focus on different kind of performing and/ or music, than what WS did in the late 80's. 5298
  • sharonmc   2016-03-01 02:57:37
    i really do hope so snakelover cheers & hopefully not robbierrob. :) 5297
  • sharonmc   2016-03-01 02:57:29
    i really do hope so snakelover cheers & hopefully not robbierrob. :) 5296
  • robbierob   2016-02-29 17:17:17
    I thought I saw with the announcement f this tour David say this is in all likely hood. His last.. Now I don't see that anywhere.... Can anyone confirm.... It was only last month he was talking about new music 5295
  • snakelover   2016-02-29 16:56:36
    Hi Sharon...We definitely know that we are very lucky to see The Snakes 2 times this summer...I hope for you they tour in Ireland as well... :0) L 5294
  • sharonmc   2016-02-29 10:39:18
    it would be great 2 see them once u very luky 2 see them twice would love if they came 2 ireland. :( 5293
  • sharonmc   2016-02-29 10:39:18
    it would be great 2 see them once u very luky 2 see them twice would love if they came 2 ireland. :( 5292
  • snakelover   2016-02-29 09:49:32
    Hi David...Hey all...Bought tix for another show...Get to see David & The Brother Snakes 2 times this summer...Yippy Yi M'F'n Yay!!!Have a Beautiful Day Sweet David... Luv, L 5291
  • challanstige   2016-02-27 23:23:16
    I HAVE A WHITESNAKE BOTH ON TWITTER & ON YOUTUBE!! Everybody that have some news or other things about Whitesnake you can contact me at: [email] 5290
  • caro2salt   2016-02-27 03:48:09
    Hi Mr Coverdale!...Hope you & yours are keeping safe & well xxx..Will you be coming back up north when you come to England on your European Tour?xxxx 5289
  • WHITESNAKE_Fan_Page   2016-02-25 05:24:42
    This day in Whitesnake History, David Coverdale announced THE PURPLE ALBUM and revealed the single 'Stormbringer': [link] 5288
  • Tahir_Bise   2016-02-24 18:16:58
    Australian Whitesnake fans contact Frontier Touring Company to bring the Snakes to Australia 2016 .. [link] and go to contact bottom of page 5287
  • snakelover   2016-02-24 17:20:35
    Hi David...Hey all...Just ordered our Snake tics...6th row from stage... Yeah Baby!!!Can't hardly believe we get to see the Snakes again this summer...Absolutely Ready & oh so Willing to make some F'n loud noise for our Fabulous Sweet David & Snake Brothers!!!Come on summer!!!Stay warm, safe & cozy... Luv, L :0) 5286
  • Morvrin   2016-02-24 16:30:20
    Looking to get presale tickets to concert in Norman OK. Said that presale went on sale today but there was no info to purchase. 5285

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